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Wood for an increasingly ‘living’ bathroom.

The idea of the bathroom environment as a temple of well-being, as a place dedicated to self-care and at the same time versatile to the point of being the space where you can spend and experience your everyday life is undoubtedly the trend for bathroom furniture in 2019.

Mobiltesino has embraced this vision of an increasingly ‘living’ bathroom, and through its collections recreates an intimate atmosphere that is able to give sensations of comfort and warmth, employing the material that best conveys cosiness, protection, and familiarity: solid wood. An example of this is the Velvet collection, characterized by the use of this noble natural material in the Old Wood finish. It is an original and ancient wood that has undergone regeneration and restyling, giving new life to the raw material, able to highlight unique tactile and visual sensations.

The Naural Oak of the Luxor line is a fine material, stable and with warm tones, that lets its strength and sturdiness be perceived by easily adapting in the hands of Mobiltesino’s craftsmen. The Suite collection uses Solid Ash Wood to evoke tactile and visual sensations of a pure and wild nature, with simple shapes and colours that exalt refinement and style.

Check out the most interesting offers by Mobiltesino to furnish the bathroom with wood.


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