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Furnishing the bathroom? Easy with the Mobiltesino collections.


When the time comes to decide how to decorate the bathroom we are immediately pervaded by a wonderful feeling of euphoria and well-being, which, however, slowly gives way to doubts and perplexities. The important thing is to stay focused so that everything turns out harmonious and at the same time discrete with the rest of the house. You can opt for a modern, chic, or minimalistic bathroom, but first you have to deal with the square meters! The decor of your dreams is possible in any case, you just need to think concretely about the dimensions of the room, and the Mobiltesino collections are your passe-partout.

The small bathroom: the treasure chest of well-being! It is essential to pay attention and recover all the spaces, make use of the depths, and choose furniture able to combine functionality and style. We need to look for the essential in the everyday nature of the FLY and DROP collections: minimal encumbrance in a concentrate of design and technique. Not only that, the total depth #40, the technical solutions, the innovative materials, and a wide range of colours and finishes available complete the project giving it design and quality.

The medium-sized bathroom: a classic! It is the typical situation, as most of the bathrooms today are this size. The difference lies in the distribution of spaces that must be designed to improve the practicality of the room. The adaptability of the URBAN collection to multiple configurations is perfect with its wide range of finishes that allows you to play with colours and details.

The big bathroom: a spa just for you The solutions are many in this case, so let yourself be guided by personal taste, playing on the materials and details! Characterized by the noblest of natural materials, Solid Wood, the VELVET collection is able to highlight unique tactile and visual sensations. LUXOR, instead, summarizes the typical Made in Italy creativity, experience, and design by Mobiltesino. And to give a retro touch, SUITE combines functionality with aesthetics.

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Holidays over? Just take a look at the laundry!

Whether you’ve been to the beach for a month or even just for a week to the mountains, all it takes is one look at the laundry area to realise that the holidays are well and truly over. It’s become a dumping ground for the contents of your suitcases, with a pile of clothes to wash and empty drawers to sort out!

Here a few helpful tips to prevent you from getting into a post-vacation panic and keep your laundry room in tip-top shape.

1 Undoubtedly, the choice of laundry units and containers is key for efficient organisation. Help is on hand with Hydro, the latest Mobiltesino collection. The ultra-modular design will easily adapt to your space requirements.
2 It’s important to be organised and divide the dirty clothes up in advance by putting them in different laundry containers, so they are already sorted when it’s time to wash them.
3 Put detergents and stain removers in the overhead containers and hide buckets, bowls and brushes in the units under the sink. That way you’ll have everything on hand, in order and ready to use.
4 If you have enough space to install a sink, this is ideal for dealing any garments that need soaking in bleach before washing.
5 If you also do your ironing in the same room, remember the iron and ironing board. Hang jackets and delicate garments on an extendable rack.

Hydro, the new Mobiltesino collection

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Happy Summer Holiday

Happy Summer Holiday

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