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In 2018, Mobiltesino focuses again on the refinement of materials

Refinement of precious materials, wide variety of shapes and solutions, efficient and functional design, attention to detail, and harmony of proportions: :

each collection combines innovation and tradition with new production technologies. Even for 2018, Mobiltesino does not sacrifice exclusivity, and focuses on precious materials such as Solid Wood, Wood veneers, Stoneware, Eco-cement, Mineralmarmo®, and Solid®, to give life to the best of personalization and meet every need of space and aesthetic taste. Mobiltesino offers a concept of luxury that does not represent opulence, but quality, thanks to the use of precious and refined materials. The finishes can be glossy or matte and appear completely smooth or recall the warm veins of wood. Unique collections for those who want only the best in their bathroom and the result is an elegant and welcoming atmosphere that certainly does not go unnoticed.

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Merry Christmas

Mobiltesino staff wishes you a happy Christmas!

During the Christmas’ holidays we will be closed from 23rd Dicember 2017 to 7th Gennaio 2018 included.

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From 26 to 29 November, Dubai will host ‘The Big 5’, the largest Middle East fair dedicated to construction innovation and interior design. Thanks to the collaboration and partnership with Effepi, with whom it shares the exhibition space, Mobiltesino presents SUITE, the new bathroom furniture collection.

Characterised by retro charm and timeless elegance, SUITE has the practicality of bathroom furniture and the beauty of a work of art, and with its aesthetic rigor redefines a new concept of luxury, softer and more refined. All the craftsmanship can be found in this new collection, from the use of fine materials to the polished finishes. The absence of sharp edges, the stand realized in Solid Ash wood with tapered legs, and the precious inner details of the double drawers, make it one of the most original creations of Mobiltesino.

Dubai is a very important fair that allows us to make our Made in Italy known, allows us to tell our story,’ explains Danilo Iannini, Sales and Marketing Manager at Mobiltesino – ‘a story made of woodworking craftsmen who have joined an industry whose continuous mission is product quality and material research. I thank Effepi for having wanted to share this international showcase with us.’

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